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 In the world, there are over 90 million people who cannot purchase prosthetics & orthotics.

We, at Instalimb, utilize unprecedented 3D-CAD, 3D printing and machine learning (AI) technology to create an affordable and highquality 3D printed prosthetics & orthotics, and deliver all over the world.

Waiting List

We, Instalimb have not gave up delivering prosthetic legs to everyone who needs it in the Philippines.
Everyone has the right to get back own life from illness and injury.
And, amputees can get a job by having a prosthetic leg.We know a lot of persons who have started working by having a prosthetic leg and getting back their lives.
For example, Jose who is our patient have been became independent by having a prosthetic leg  that to be able to became to work on a motorcycle-taxi and earn his own living expenses.
His mother, who was often absent from work to take care of him, no longer needed to be absent from work, and her salary increased.
And Jose finally succeeded in stabilizing the life of his family.
Because he made effort to get prosthetic leg for getting back his life.Even if you amputated, life is not ended.
You can can get back your life.If you don’t have a job right now and can’t make money to buy a prosthetic leg, the first step is to ask and talk to us about it.
If you can’t afford the money, we can help find a donation for you.
To get your life back, register with our “Waiting List” firstry.Our mission is to deliver prosthetic legs to everyone who needs it  in the Philippines.
We will do our best to do it.
We promise you it.

User's Voices

 I'm very satisfied. It just fits my leg very well and very light.I can do activities easier.It is shaped like a real leg, so I am no longer the mock of others.

(Jane-Instalimb User)

Conventional prosthetic parts take a long time to be delivered and are also very expensive.

Instalimb  will benefit for both prothetists and patients because it's shorter time for fabrication of prosthesis. It is also cosmetically good, looking like a copy of a real leg. That's great. This product can improve the patient's QOL (quality of life).

(Julian-Certified Prosthetist&Orthotist, University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital) 

Doctor's Voice

 Definitely this system can raise the number of prosthetic leg users.

With this well-formed prosthetic leg, patients will be able to mingle with the community  more confidently .

(Dr. Bundoc-Doctor, University of the Philippines General Hospital)

Prosthetist's Voice

 It is so light that I can do a lot of things now, such as household chores, gardening.

It is waterproof, so it is also very useful when taking a bath. Instalimb's prosthetic leg is really a very big help for me.

(Richard-Instalimb User)


Question 1.  What's the difference between Instalimb with other prosthetic devices?
Instalimb is waterproof and lightweight, it's 40% cheaper than most of the devices in the market. It is made to fit your leg perfectly.

Question 2.  Where is your clinic located?
Unit 2512 Centuria Medical Makati, Century City, Salamanca Corner General Luna St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City, 1200, Philippines

Question 3.  What is your office hours?
From 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday


Question 4.  What are the requirements needed to avail Instalimb?
We only need a prescription from any rehab or ortho doctors prescribing a below-knee prosthesis. If you have a PWD/Senior Citizen ID, please bring it too, to avail of the discount. We would also prefer if you schedule with us than going as a walk-in patient to ensure that our P&Os’ schedule would not be divided and you would be attended as soon.


Question 5.  How does it work?
First is Scanning and Test Fitting, then after 2 days final device fitting


Question 6.  Do you have a prosthesis for above-knee amputation?
As of now we only offer below the knee prosthesis, but our target date for above the knee would be within this year.


Question 7.  What materials are used for Instalimb?
Instalimb prosthesis has no metal part. Shank is made of Poly Lactic Acid Carbon, Foot is made of Thermo Plastic Urethane. Waterproof and lightweight.


Question 8.  What are your modes of payment?
You can pay via cash, credit, and debit cards, and also via ISP(Instalimb Solutions Philippins's) Loan.


Question 9.  Do you do home service?
As of now, we are offering limited home service. Please take our consultation, first.


Question 10.  Do you have a card terminal?
Yes we have.


Question 11.  Do you have other colors aside from black?
We only have black because of the carbon fiber material, but we have a skin tone stocking available that our patients use.


Question 12.  Can I use a prosthesis for outside activities?
Our prosthesis is only intended for walking and light activities


Question 13.  Does my stump really need to be fully recovered before I proceed with the prosthesis?
Yes, if you want to have a prosthesis earlier, please take our advice to do nice bandaging. 


Question 14.  Do you offer a leg brace or other devices?
As of now we only offer below-knee prosthesis. And we are starting above-knee prosthesis within this year (2020).


Question 15.  Does your prosthesis have a metal part?
Our prosthesis doesn't have a metal part


Question 16.  How long is the warranty?
6 months


Question 17.  How long can I use this prosthetic leg?
The general life of the prosthetic leg can be used in 2-3 years. But this will change due to multiple factors such as how often you use it, what activities are you doing, and so on. As long as the fit is still good and the device is not broken, you can still use your instalimb.




3D-Printer & Material

Prosthetics Design

Machine learning (AI) will enable everyone to use the skill and technique of a professional prosthetist and orthotist.

Our specialized 3D-CAD for prosthetic design has realized significantly reduced design time.

Specialized 3D printer and materials has successfully reduced production time by 1/10 of the conventional production process.

Specialized 3D printer and materials has successfully reduced production time by 1/10 of the conventional production process.

Media & News

  • Selected as the representative of Japanese entrepreneur in the "Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC)", one of world biggest business contest from totally of 61 applicants in Japan nation wide. And proceeding to in the world final that will be held at Paris in June 2020. (Feb. 2020)
  • We received prize of "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry award" at "HONGO AI 2019", Japanese AI pitch contest. (Oct. 2019)
  • NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development), Japanese government's organization adopt Instalimb's new technical development project as a “Business support for Seed-stage Technology-based Startups (STS)”. (June. 2019)
  • TechCrunch, one of Japan’s most famous start-up media published an article about our business start in the Philippines and  financing from venture capital. (June 2019)
  • Instalimb raised capital from the third party allocation,Keio Innovation Initiative and Deep Core, and a press release was published. (June 2019)

  • Nikkei Industrial News Paper, one of Japan’s most famous industrial news paper published an article about our prosthetic leg business (June 2019)

  • We started a business of prosthetic leg sales in the Philippines (May 2019)

  • JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) "The World Now-JETRO Global Eye" featured our company's efforts as "Delivering prosthetic legs in the Philippines- first step with 3D technology" (May 2019)



 Instalimb has a team consisting of professionals with the expertise of each fields for the implementation of the world's first fully 3D printer-fabricated prosthetic limb could happen.

 Working and associating together tightly among specialists such as medical device designer, former start-upper of strategic consultanting venture, prosthetist & orthotist with knowledge on CAD/CAM, AI engineer, 3D printer engineer, medical sales expert and business operations expert, enables us to utilize strength of all engaged mutually resulting in materialization of the world's first mass customization of prosthetic limb.


We are currently hiring for the following open positions:

Please send a message to the following contact form, if you are interested.



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