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Basic Infomations



  • We currently have only Makati facility available to the patients.(Unfortunately remote service in provincial areas is not operational.

  •  Patients from provinces wold need at least 3 days stay in Makati to take their prosthetic legs back home.

Preferable Date for Initial Appointment


  • The Initial sign-in for the first patient starts at 9:00AM

  • The Initial day transaction will take almost one whole day until around 5 or 6:00PM to complete necessary procedures from scanning up to testfitting

  • You need to visit Instalimb Makati facility at least two times in different days to complete the whole process up to release of the final product

Physical informations

8. Do you have any serious wounds or severe pain around your stump?*
9.Are you currently undergoing hemodialysis?*
10. Is it already 30 days or more since your amputation?*

Your Hospital and Doctor

for Amputation surgery

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