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Mim Islam
Apr 30, 2022
In Cold Season
The release of WeChat Reading has once again demonstrated the public opinion halo effect of WeChat, a star product. Just like the WeChat phone book released before, both the industry and users quickly included WeChat Reading into the scope of their Fax Lists own discussions. . If I have to make an accurate positioning for such an application, I prefer to regard it as a taste show, a popular application, and a Tencent using its existing resource advantages to regulate the industry and Fax Lists finally realize the realization of the one try. a taste show "China is rapidly changing from material pursuits to spiritual pursuits." Yes, Chinese history has never had a positive description of those who are rich in material things. For a long time, what the Chinese have pursued Fax Lists is the construction of the spiritual level, in order to be able to stand out spiritually. Therefore, what has always been praised by people is that the poor scholars have thousands of poems and books, and they are not Fax Lists afraid of the powerful and beautiful. Although there is a gap between reality and ideals, this pursuit has not changed. Many rich people still have The hobby of drying the study. As the product that "understands human nature the most", WeChat has obviously captured this demand of people - everyone prefers to play Fax Lists with familiar people, and WeChat reading is also a kind of "self-promotion" by using the relationship chain of acquaintances. In addition to the basic functions of reading and purchasing books, the biggest difference between WeChat Fax Lists reading and Duokan reading and iReader is that it can call WeChat's friend relationship chain. For example, based on WeChat’s real social relationships.

Mim Islam

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