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Waiting List

We, Instalimb have not gave up delivering prosthetic legs to everyone who needs it in the Philippines.
Everyone has the right to get back own life from illness and injury.
And, amputees can get a job by having a prosthetic leg.We know a lot of persons who have started working by having a prosthetic leg and getting back their lives.
For example, Jose who is our patient have been became independent by having a prosthetic leg  that to be able to became to work on a motorcycle-taxi and earn his own living expenses.
His mother, who was often absent from work to take care of him, no longer needed to be absent from work, and her salary increased.
And Jose finally succeeded in stabilizing the life of his family.
Because he made effort to get prosthetic leg for getting back his life.Even if you amputated, life is not ended.
You can can get back your life.If you don’t have a job right now and can’t make money to buy a prosthetic leg, the first step is to ask and talk to us about it.
If you can’t afford the money, we can help find a donation for you.
To get your life back, register with our “Waiting List” firstry.Our mission is to deliver prosthetic legs to everyone who needs it  in the Philippines.
We will do our best to do it.
We promise you it.

Request to put your name on the waiting list
Asterisk (*) means "required"

Basic Infomations

Physical informations

8. Do you have any serious wounds or severe pain around your stump?*
9.Are you currently undergoing hemodialysis?*
10. Is it already 30 days or more since your amputation?*

Your Hospital and Doctor

for Amputation surgery

for daily/regular consultation/treatment


Thank you for your sending

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